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Body Assessment

  • Download your FMF Online Tracker and add your information to it each week.
  • This is the easiest way to keep track of your stats - fill out your daily calories and weekly steps and input your weight and measurements and the spreadsheet does the rest!
  • Weigh and Measure Day 1 Week 1, Day 1 Week 5, Day 1 Week 9 and Day 7 Week 12!

Online Tracking

If you'd like to weigh/measure every week use this form:

Simply fill the form in each Monday morning and submit and the results will display right here!

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Things we spoke about in our call - feel free to add to this section as we go!

  • Feel better in mindset
  • Feel less tired and feel more motivated
  • Build in rest and lesure time (You ARE allowed to rest!)
  • Work on cutting down the mindless eating - deal with mental health better!


I am on Instagram - so feel free to follow me and like my 'grams' @flabbymummy

I like MyFitnessPal for tracking my food - you can friend me on there my username is nicloucross

I use Strava to track runs, walks and biking - which can help you see how you're progressing

I also have a Garmin so if you do too - then friend me!


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