Workout 2

Here is your second workout!

You're going to need to be able to see a stopwatch or a watch where you can see the second hands ticking by...

So you're going to do groups of three exercises without resting inbetween (only after the 3)

I've tried to alternate upper and lower body exercises so you're not going to be dying!

The first exercise you'll do for 60 secs, the second for 45 secs and the third one for only 30 secs.

High Knees 60/ press ups 45/ squats 30


Jumping Jacks 60/ tricep dips 45/ bicycles 30


Crunches 60/ Mountain climbers 45/ plank 30


Jogging on the spot 60/ Glute bridges 45/ Reverse Crunches 30

Make a note of how it felt on a scale of 1-10 (1= easy, didn't break a sweat or raise the heart rate 10= literally working at maximum effort, heart pounding out of your chest, panting and squirting out sweat like a fire hose!)


if you need to know how to do each exercise let me know.