RockBox is the fitness class with a difference! 

The full body workout taking interval training to a whole new level!  It is a stress-busting, therapy session for the body and mind.

Punch, kick, and smash sticks to classic and modern rock tunes! (air guitars included!)

The RockBox concept is the ultimate combination of training using boxing and drumming to sculpt your body. Alternating cardio and toning, RockBox provides an all over body interval workout which has been stated to burn more fat than a class on a typical aerobic curve.

Boxing training is known for the full body workout and we incorporate that training in RockBox classes to maximise fat burning, enhance fitness levels, release boost mood boosting chemicals, stabilise blood pressure, and  support stress management. RockBox uses non weighted drumsticks provide tools for toning and sculpting, building strength, improving balance, posture and core stability  

Teaming the workout along with carefully selected rock tracks and class structure; RockBox works both the body and mind. RockBox is true therapy for the mind, allowing the release of tension and frustration from life out in a positive, mood boosting way which aids a healthier mindset.

Participants leave a RockBox class feeling accomplished, and confident, with a clear mind.

RockBox works.... RockBox is “Therapy"


I am a fully qualified and licensed RockBox instructor and practised air guitarist!
Classes are Mondays 7.30pm (Ramana Wellness Centre) and Wednesdays 6.10pm (Inspire Dance Studios)


  • Mondays 7.30pm Ramana Wellness Centre
  • Wednesdays 6.10pm Inspire Dance Studios

How does RockBox work?

It is well documented that cardiovascular exercise is key in increasing physical fitness, and reducing the risk of physical illness such as heart disease. High energy cardiovascular exercise is also a positive factor in reducing the risk or symptoms of mental illness.


As the heart beats faster, natural chemicals are fired in the brain; serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline.

•Serotonin = Happy hormone; used in the centre of the brain to regulate and stabilise mood, sleep, digestion and the body’s natural rhythm.

•Dopamine = Reward and motivation hormone; increases confidence and self-esteem by providing a feel good “rush” to reward the behaviour.

•Adrenaline = Energy rush to maintain higher heartrate, “Fight or Flight” response, increases focus. The more adrenaline pumps, the more fitness increases, and the more natural chemicals are released too!

As human beings, we all have mental health; that is our moods and emotional states are not constant. They are adaptable, covering a range of feelings and can influence how we function throughout day-to-day activities.

An individual who is suffering from mild to moderate depression, anxiety, low moods, stress and other indicators of mental illness may show symptoms of low motivation, low mood, low confidence and self-esteem, irregular sleeping and eating patterns. This shows a need for regulation, for an increase in motivation, energy feel-good and personal reward systems to fire in the brain. So, we need to release serotonin, dopamine and adrenalin to help alleviate these symptoms, by using cardiovascular physical activity.


According to Complementary and Alternative Medicine, music is a low-cost intervention that is effective in reducing psychological anxieties and improving mood. Previous studies have found that this is particularly prevalent in females.

When researching the effects of Rock music, results have shown that this genre allows the listener more attention to their feelings, using the affects as a greater ability to regulate emotional experiences; the music can be used as a coping mechanism for personal problems or interpersonal conflicts.

Studies also show that “heavier” rock music is linked to emotional turmoil, and listeners choose it for expressions of anger, aggression and impulsiveness. Such tracks are chosen in the RockBox programme as Therapy Tracks.

​Physical exercise helps to regulate and control cognitive or mental functions such as impulsivity and motivation, and emotions such as anger, frustration and low mood through the release of our own chemicals in our brains. Rock music is effective in stabilising and regulating our emotions too, helping to release anger, frustration and aggression. If put together…

We have The Rockbox Effect!


Jade Hendon and Sharon Clifton are the creators of this unique and empowering concept.

We set out to create an inclusive class that combined our passion for boxing, with something that massively motivates us in our style of training, which is good motivational music.

We wanted non-complicated, easy to follow routines, so people can better concentrate on correct technique and good form.

We wanted a class that is very inclusive for all levels of fitness, women, men and children can take part, feel included and empowered.

Find out more on the RockBox website: https://www.rockboxfitness.co.uk/