Personal Training

Re-Ignite 1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions


1-2-1 Personal Training from Flabby Mummy Fitness


Have you fallen off the fitness wagon? Or maybe you’ve never really gotten a leg up?


This programme is for you if:

  • You know you need to do something about your health and fitness but you have no idea where to start
  • You despise exercise with a passion
  • You don’t like the gym or even people looking at you while you workout
  • You’re tired of feeling sluggish or out of breath walking up the stairs


This programme will reignite a passion for yourself. It will help to motivate you to 'do more' fitness, it will enable you to stick to a regular exercise regime but best of all it will be FUN!

We start out pretty intensely with 3 sessions for the first 4 weeks

Then you'll drop down to 2 sessions (but you'll already be in the habit of 3 so you'll do something without me for the third) for 4 weeks

Then in the last 4 weeks we'll drop down to 1 session a week and 2 by yourself and eventually you won't even need me (but you might want to keep me 'cos you like me!)

12 weeks, 24 sessions, a whole lot of motivation, determination and FUN!


  • Initial body and fitness assessment and personalised body metrics report to guide you towards better health
  • Assessments at the beginning and end to track your progress
  • Tailored programmes to suit your goals or the goals of your group
  • If you HATE something - we stop doing it!
  • Homework inbetween sessions is an optional extra available at a discount
  • Motivation and support throughout the programme
  • Benefit from my decade of experience as a PT

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Number of Sessions

10 Sessions, 20 Sessions, 30 Sessions