Online Training

Nutrition Masterclass


This 7-week online course has been created by our expert nutrition partners Quantum Nutrition to help provide you with ALL the tools and information you need to sort your nutrition FOR LIFE.

This couse covers what nutrition should look like, to what diet methods would work for you and your life.

We’ll look at the problems of a Western diet and explore macros, micronutrients, goal setting, hunger prevention and keeping your nutrition on point even during a busy social calendar.

it is recommended that you take the full 7 weeks to fully absorb the course BUT you can take it slower if you prefer.



Nutiriton Masterclass – Everything you need to sort your nutrition and gain optimal health for LIFE.


Week One

Welcome to Your Nutrition Masterclass Lesson

Meet the Team Lesson

What Should my Nutrition Look Like? Lesson


Week Two

So Many Diets What is the Answer? Lesson

Nutrition For Life Lesson

SMARTER Goal Setting Lesson and Worksheet


Week Three

Nutrition and Mindfulness Lesson

The Problem with our Western Diet Lesson

Nutrition and Health Lesson


Week Four

Meal Planning and Long-Term Consistency Lesson and Worksheet

Calories and Macronutrients Made Easy Lesson

Biggest Nutrition Wins in the Smallest Amount of Time Lesson


Week Five

Diet Strategy Tracking and Logging Lesson

Diet Types Intermittent Fasting Lesson

Diet Types Mediterranean Diet Lesson

Diet Types Worksheet and Quiz


Week Six

Hydration and Performance Lesson

Nutrition for Muscle Building Lesson

Training Optimisation Lesson


Week Seven

Eat what you like and still get results Lesson

Hunger prevention and the cure Lesson

Nutrition for the big social events Lesson