What does it mean?

So why strength? I hear you cry!

We’re not body builders!

We don’t need to look like Arnie to run!

Why do we need to worry about our strength!?

To put it simply a strong body equals a strong runner and a weak body equals INJURY!

So, if you’d like to run often and keep challenging yourself and you don’t want to be constantly plagued by injury then strength training is a must!


Is vital to being a healthy runner

Over the next few articles I will be discussing:

  1. What does strength training mean when it comes to running?
  2. What sort of exercises and muscle groups you should be targeting?
  3. How to incorporate strength training into your regular runs and/or cross-training routines (and more importantly how to make it FUN!)

I hope you enjoy reading about great ways you can strengthen your body and become an even better, fitter and less injury-prone runner!