Running faster with ease

At some point during your running adventures you will want to get faster.

This doesn't mean you'll want to get 16 minute 5ks or sub 3 hour marathons necessarily, BUT what it does mean is increasing speed allows you to cover more distance, or run further in the time you have available.


Does it matter?

Why do we care about Speed?

It can be frustrating when you are trying to cover more distance and it's taking a long time

It can be frustrating when your long runs literally take over your whole Sunday!

It can also FEEL very frustrating when it seems like you're 'plodding' along and you have a vision of yourself as the lean, agile, graceful, speedy "runner"

First off - you will find you may struggle in different areas at different points in your running life. Think back - was there any time in the past that you felt stuck at a particular distance and no matter what you tried you couldn't push through it? Or maybe you felt like your legs had so much more mileage in them BUT your heart and lungs held you back? I can bet you said yes didn't you?

This happens to all of us! Best thing is NOT TO FRET, stick to your plans, your tasks, and if it starts to bring you down, switch it up - talk to me and I can help!

Secondly - avoid falling into the trap of comparison. You are a unique and beautiful snowflake, no one is like you! So just because so-and-so started later than you did and is now faster than you WHO CARES! They are not you! You don't know what their journey/life/struggles are like same as they don't know yours! We all develop at different rates, and we all have things we struggle more with.

Lastly - anytime you start to feel down or in a rut with running LOOK back on Strava (or wherever you record your runs) I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. You'll be covering more miles than previous months/years, running more efficiently (check out those PBs) AND your speed will have increased as well!


This section we're talking about speed so...

What will we cover?

  • Elements of speed in your running
  • Nutrition for speed
  • Cross-training for speed