The free consultation is an important part in finding out more about you as a client, your needs, goals, likes, dislikes and exercise history.

This FREE consultation will consist of a friendly conversation looking at your stress levels, sleep, diet and nutrition, motivation, potential barriers, exercise history and your current levels of activity. We’ll also go through your expectations and talk about short, medium and long-term goals together. It's also a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have and to see if you feel comfortable with me too!

Free Consultation is 30-45 minutes long

At the end of the free consultation you can decide whether you want to become a Crossley Fitness client or not! Need more information? find out why a Personal Trainer is right for you.

But really the only question you need to ask yourself is how badly do I want to reach my goals?

Body and Fitness Assessment

Your first training session will consist of a Body Assessment which involves you standing on my special scales which measure not only your weight, but your bodyfat percentage, muscle mass, hydration, visceral fat levels and metabolic age. If one of your goals is to drop a dress size or to tone up or bulk up then I will also measure you.

I will also assess your current level of fitness. This usually involves assessing your cardiovascular fitness and your muscular strength and endurance. This provides a baseline for measuring success throughout the fitness programme and helps to evaluate your progress.

Every individual’s needs, goals (and body) is unique so the fitness assessment is tailored to each client. If you have any questions about what the fitness assessment might involve get in touch – or ask about it at your FREE Consultation.