Boxercise combines boxing and exercise in great fun, stress busting activity to suit everyone who wants to enjoy boxing training without getting hit or the elitism of some so called purists.

There are over 1.2 Million people in the UK taking Boxercise Classes or doing Boxercise with their Personal Trainer. Boxercise is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today.

It combines use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems with the systematic recruitment of both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres in a manner that not only ensures a diverse workout, but also enhances sports specific senses, including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing.

I am a fully qualified and licensed Boxercise, Kids Boxercise and Group Sparring Instructor.


"Boxercise is a really exciting and challenging workout, making you sweat off those pounds and get toned in one go!"

How is the Boxercise Class Structured?

Sessions vary from week to week to stop you from getting bored - and also to continue to challenge your body allowing you to burn fat and enhance your muscles.

Each week I may incorporate some of the following, Circuits, boxing coaching, and also Group Sparring

So one week I might be focusing on your technique and recapping the 8 punches, the next week I might be in FULL ON BEAST mode!

Each session will be designed to be FUN, a GREAT workout and ENERGETIC!

I recommend you complete the 6-week Beginners Boxercise Course to master the core Boxercise moves first.


Group Sparring is an exciting form of Boxercise which was developed by the Italian Boxing and Fitness Federation (IBFF). It is still really new in the UK and is so much fun you'll be torching calories and strengthening muscles before you can even say 'workout'.

Using the 8 punches you've already learned from the beginners Boxercise course you'll be working with your partner doing combat moves to music. It's like if dance and Boxercise had a baby!

Group Sparring is:

  • To music - so it's lots of fun!
  • Done with a partner
  • Easy to do
  • A great way of improving your technique
  • Great for your cardio-vascular system
  • Is suitable for all (once beginners course is complete)
  • Can be varied in intensity - so as your fitness improves you can up your game!



  • 6-week course
  • Learn all 8 punches
  • Learn basic footwork
  • Fun boxing-style workout
  • All equipment provided
  • 60-minute workout
  • Suitable for ALL
  • Certificate and hand wraps upon completion
  • ONLY £45!


  • 60-minute moderate to intense workout
  • Equipment provided - just bring yourself!
  • Improve on your Boxercise training
  • Learn defence moves
  • Lose weight and get strong
  • Improve your fitness
  • This class uses a combination of punchbags, gloves and pads, body weight training, power bags, battle ropes and more!
  • Homework is optional! (But always fun!)
  • Ideal for someone who is looking for a challenge after the Beginners course
  • ONLY £39 for the a 6-class pass!
  • Or why not commit to twice a week for only £69!


  • Term Time Lessons
  • Suitable for P4-P7
  • Learn all 8 punches
  • Learn basic footwork
  • Work towards your Bronze, Silver and Gold Kids Boxercise Awards
  • All equipment provided
  • Great for improving strength, fitness and agility
  • Increase focus and concentration, burn energy and have fun!
  • £24-£44 per term (depending on term length)